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Why AI Powered Customer Engagement Is No Longer an Option for SMEs

AtomxDigital AI Chatbot and Live Chat solutions to enhance customer engagement

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer an optional extra, it has now become a necessity. Companies have been utilising this important tool to not only enable existing marketing strategies; they’re going above and beyond to deliver a personalised and engaging experience for their customers. AI Automation is now playing a huge part in the day-to-day operations of businesses; from data collection in marketing, to training and on-boarding in HR. With the huge savings in cost, and improvements with efficiency as well as being instrumental in improving the Customer Experience, the programs and services offered by AI should be adopted by all companies.


Four ways in which AI Automation is enhancing the Customer Experience

Available 24/7

Customers are now able to reach out for support anytime, anyplace. This provides benefits for both the company and the customer, providing constant support for the customer whilst also reducing time and resources spent on agents responding to every issue. Customers feel constantly supported, which is great for both the company and customer.

Being available at anytime is hugely important for many industries, for example having this option in the Healthcare industry means users can get answers at anytime, whilst also freeing up agents to deal with more urgent or complex queries.

Improving Personalisation

Market Basket Analysis and Product Recommendations along with the many other services that AI can provide, add to the personalised customer experience. Recommendations can pop-up for customers based on their previous purchases and past history along with basket analysis; using data looking at items frequently bought together. This both saves the customer time in searching for the other items, whilst also increasing sales for your company.

A growing part of AI services and Intelligent Automation is the development of personalised content to go with Product Recommendations, with marketing messages being target directly to individual customers. This gives the customer a more personal interaction, making them more likely to trust the company and to find the products/services they require.


AI Automation powering customer engagement is providing customers a way to skip the queue that would have been there with agents answering all queries. The majority of customer service calls are frequently asked and uncomplicated tasks, for example, password changes and troubleshooting techniques. The improved speed in which customer queries are tackled, will only add to the customer experience and create loyal customers.


The customer experience can sometimes prove stressful, but with the addition of AI, this can be solved. By having AI powered systems throughout the customer experience, this can allow for easier interactions for the customer, meaning they are more likely to stay on your website and return for further engagement. With the one-to-one communication of a Live Chat solution and the interactive messaging an AI Chatbot can provide, this all adds to an easier and more enjoyable customer experience.

Looking again at the Healthcare industry, simplifying the user experience by including AI solutions can mean users are able to get answers and solutions quickly with an engaged and personalised interaction.



Customers have come to expect a 24/7, highly personalised experience when shopping for products and services online. To keep up with competitors and the demand from customers, companies will need to adapt by utilising the products and services of AI. By integrating effective AI powered systems, companies can expand their level of customer service, whilst also remaining cost-effective.

AtomX Digital work to understand your unique organisational business objectives, combining this with your customer needs and current AI capabilities, we leverage our own in-house Machine Learning capabilities to provide real time customer insights, predictive services and help establish an innovation culture within your organisation. Our expertise, products and services can help your company fill that missing link between you and your customers.

Please get in touch with us if you are looking to increase your digital sales, improve your customer satisfaction, and take the next step in your organisation's journey.


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