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AtomX signs omni-channel Live Chat deal with Icon Accounting


AtomX and Icon accounting partnership

We are thrilled to announce that we have signed a multi-year, omni-channel Live Chat contract with our client Icon Accounting.

Icon Accounting is a leading and fast emerging accountancy and compliance services company based out of Ireland. In the past we integrated our AI Chatbot system with their digital channels, achieving their customer acquisition and retention objectives, by generating multi-fold traffic and conversion numbers. Our AI Chatbots paired effortlessly with their existing front end and back end business systems, to enable a smooth connect with customers at all times.

With an additional mission of providing a seamless customer experience to their existing customers, we have integrated our multi-channel Live Chat led customer engagement solution across Icon's digital and mobile channels, providing customers with instant support in real-time and out of office hours. Using several key features such as the knowledge base, smart routing and personalisation, we are confident that Icon would achieve a step change in its customer connect. The solution ensures ironclad customer privacy, data protection and security capabilities which are paramount within the accountancy ecosystem. Further, the intelligent routing feature ensures that each customer is transferred to the most appropriate, paired agent for faster response times.

We are excited to support Icon in this next leg of their growth journey and look forward to bring our unique customer engagement capabilities to help them achieve their business objectives.

About AtomX: Here at AtomX, we work with you to achieve your organisational business goals using AI led customer engagement solutions across all digital channels. Our mission is to ensure that our clients never miss another customer connect.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or schedule a free trial.


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