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Connect with your customers at all times in an intelligent & automated way

AtomX AI Chatbot

Instant customer engagement

A platform to aid speedy deployment and facilitate A/B testing 

Pair seamlessly with existing business systems

Personalised to accomplish a range of customers goals whether this is bookings, engagement, on-boarding, or process transactions.

Focussed to deliver on your business KPIs

Pre-defined, specialist market specific use cases

AI Chatbot feature- Live agent intervention

Live agent intervention

An integrated Human-Bot cooperation live agents can take control at any time

Safe & secure data

Icon clad security, privacy and data protection features 

AI Chatbot feature- Train your Chatbot

Train your chatbot

Dedicated self learning capability to improve performance overtime

"Very impressed with AtomX's core capability and approach

to bring solutions at Speed. Clear differentiator"

Managing Director, A European Accounting Company

AI Chatbot - Booking appointment

Be in front of your customers anytime & anywhere by customising your bot to integrate with existing business systems to reach your goals 

Using the worlds most advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) to understand customers objectives and deliver the most accurate response and query resolutions

Personalised to reach your goals

Powered by 

Chatbot - Taking Bookings.png

Automate bot to handle routine tasks such as schedule meetings, gather contact information & make payments 

Integrated self learning and training 

Train and improve your chatbot overtime by adding new questions & creating new intents

Through chatbot learning, access a range of new options to support users 

Expand on Bots capabilities to ensure visitors questions are understood each time 

AI Chatbot- integrated self learning and training
AI Chatbot- integrated self learning and new intent
AI Chatbot- Live agent assist

Live agent assist

Reduce the time agents spend searching for information. The AI virtual assistant monitors inbound messages to suggest the most relevant answers from your agents canned messages

Observe agent behaviour to improve suggested answers for faster resolution & shorter wait times 


In the world of Digital, our mission is to leverage AI led Customer Engagement solutions, in order to achieve measured, real business outcomes. Our customer experience experts help you select the most suitable live chat & chatbot solutions for your business.   

Icon Accounting 

Managing director 

A truly customer centric solution, enabling a step change in our customer engagement, during these uncertain times"

Dublin Airport

Future factory project manager

I am very impressed with the quality of staff at AtomX and the output delivered. They were great to work with and delivered an excellent solution within a short time frame

AtomX- Hippa Compliant security
AtomX- PCI  compliant security
AtomX- WCAG compliant security
Atomx- AICPA SOC compliant security

Always on intelligent conversation 


The perfect balance of human element

Got a project in mind?

Please leave us your contact details and our Customer Engagement Director will get back within 24 hours.

ADDRESS: Suite 18, Winsor & Newton Building, 

Whitefriars Ave, Harrow HA3 5RN

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