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Customer Connect:

What could your business achieve if you never missed a 

customer conversation again?


AI is here, now. And it’s creating new opportunities by delivering impact in durations which were unimaginable in the past.


It took Uber less than 8 years to surpass the revenues of the whole of taxi industry in US. Tesla built a full power plant in 88 days. Car ownership is predicted to vanish by 2025. Think about it! 


To harness these technology & AI led disruptions, enterprises have to be open to reinventing their offerings & business models, not in years, but in days & months.


However, without a business objective in mind, AI can be yet another initiative to invest and play with, resulting in unnecessary spend and achieving little outcome at the end.

Our story starts here.

We work with ambitious leaders to translate AI into business outcomes, at Speed and with Certainty

Whether we are implementing chatbot platforms, enabling an omni-channel live chat or providing customer interaction analytics and insights, our focus is to make a step change in the way you achieve your business objectives and KPIs, keeping your outcomes at the heart of our approach.



Our team Customer Experience specialists have decades of experience in your industry vertical & work with our AI platform engineers to recommend the best Live Chat and AI Chatbot solution for your business. More importantly, our unique Continuous Improvement framework offers KPI driven analytics and comes bundled in with all propositions.   

AtomX approach to solutions
AtomX approach to solutions
Approach 1
AtomX approach to solutions
AtomX approach to solutions
Approach 2


Part of our strategy is to build a core network which can help us deliver business outcomes at Speed and with Certainty. We have pre-selected partnership with specialist companies within Artificial Intelligence, Automation Technology areas, who are doing ground breaking work in their specific domains.

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FrontM provides the ability for enterprises 
to continuously engage their users over a dedicated, private and secured Chatbot interface.

They drive fast and easy build process by integrating against multimodal data points, 
deriving insights and driving user conversations.


FrontM specialises in edge capabilities, making its Chatbots work offline, thereby 
ensuring a throughly continuous user experience. 

Atomx partnership with Comm100

Comm100 is an award-winning customer service and engagement platform. Dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and loyalty through 24/7 support to your customers. 

Comm100 provides state of the art AI Chatbot and Live chat personalised to reach each customers business objectives and transform customers experience.

Got a project in mind?

Please leave us your contact details and our Customer Engagement Director will get back within 24 hours.

ADDRESS: Suite 18, Winsor & Newton Building, 

Whitefriars Ave, Harrow HA3 5RN

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