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Unique Methodology

Our approach to project delivery is simple and diligent. We believe that for a business transformation to be successful, the teams need to be led with a genuine inclination and drive to achieve business outcomes, right from the outset. This inertia needs to be maintained as a heartbeat throughout the engagement. 

At AtomX, we base our engagements on three key pillars:

  • Small is big: A 244 ATX framework* further divided into bi-weekly sprints delivering production ready code at the end of each iteration

  • Kaizen transformation strategy – tightening and continuously improving delivery and technology parameters, to achieve compounded positive results 

  • Maintain a drumbeat of retrospectives and tracking throughout; drive ROI across delivery, people, commercial & technology parameters

*244 = 10 weeks split into 2 (Concept to Prototype), 4 (Prototype to MVP) and 4 (MVP to Commercial launch) weeks.

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