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The role of AI in the Future of Data Privacy

Over the last decade, the number of people using online tools for everything from booking holidays to banking, has increased exponentially. However, with this increase in use and availability of these platforms, the rise in security and privacy breaches has also become a huge issue. Governments and companies are now under pressure to ensure all personal data collected is brought under control. AI has the speed, scale and automation necessary to drive these data privacy changes and help contribute to a secure and safe experience for online users.

Improved Efficiency

AI is able to deal with and analyse privacy data quicker and at a lower cost than humans. They are able to recognise this data when it appears and process it quicker, benefiting the consumer by creating a more seamless and personalised experience. AI bots are able to do continual sweeps of data to identify any information that may fall within privacy regulations, speeding up the process that would have been handled by humans and reducing any human error.

Handling Sensitive Data

By using AI to handle sensitive data, this provides an extra layer of privacy. It can handle tasks that would previously have exposed sensitive data to human analysts. With AI’s ability to quickly and effectively analyse data, and the fact they won’t acknowledge the private data they see, this makes AI the perfect tool for improving data privacy.

In the Healthcare industry, AI can be utilised to handle sensitive patient data, giving both the patient peace of mind about who can access their records, whilst also saving time and cost.


AI will continue to play an increasing important role in the future of data privacy. Companies will need to look to these solutions to create a safe way for their customers to share information, whilst they continue to enjoy the services provided. By guaranteeing a safe experience for users, this will not only help protect them against any security and privacy breaches, but will also lead to more loyal customers who will continue to use the services they feel gives them the most security.

Here at AtomX Digital we work carefully to provide safe and secure AI solutions for your company’s needs. Please get in touch to schedule a free trial today.


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