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Conversational tools that drive customer experiences

An aspect of Artificial Intelligence that has been instrumental in improving the customer experience in recent years is Conversational AI. This form of AI focuses on delivering a natural and engaging interaction with customers, using machine learning to provide personalised experiences. Types of Conversational AI include Chatbot systems, messaging apps and speech-based assistants such as Alexa. As online engagement is growing day-by-day, companies will need to take advantage of these AI systems to help retain customers by improving their experiences.


Live Chat

Customers feel supported

Customers are able to get answers almost immediately, with the ability to reach out to you as soon as they have a query. This way of communicating with companies feels a lot more personal than sending an email and waiting for a response.

Allows agents to build a relationship with the customer

Instead of sending out generic responses to emails, agents are able to change the tone of their conversation to match how the customer is responding, creating a natural conversation that both helps solve the customers issues, whilst also having a pleasant interaction. This can be especially important in certain industries. For example, for an online retail store, this can mean the agent is able to work out what sort of style the customer is looking for and offer product suggestions based on this.

Reduces repetition for customers

With Live Chat solutions, agents are able to see all relevant customer information such as support history and notes from previous interactions. This means the customer won’t need to explain their issue over and over again, creating a smoother experience for the customer.




AI Chatbots are able to provide customer with a real-time personalised experience, using information provided by the customer to provide helpful insights, going way beyond just using the customer name. Chatbot systems are able to keep track pf customer that have returned, collecting data on their past purchases, questions and complaints and helping to provide a seamless, personalised experience.

Available 24/7

In a world that is always on, customer need a way to receive support when agents are not available. Chatbots are able to be that first point of call for customers, being able to deal with frequently asked queries. Even when they are not able to help with an issue, there are still plenty of ways they can assist. For example, they can identify how urgent an issue is and send ticket to the right agent based on the urgency, making sure the right person can deal with the issue.

This feature is especially important in the retail industry as customers may need to exchange a product or secure a refund, which is all accomplishable through the Chatbot, at any time the customer needs the service.

Provides a smooth customer journey

Chatbots are able to provide support at every stage in the customer journey. From the first moment customers visit your site, they can be greeted and offered help and suggestions with browsing, just like an assistant would in a high-street store. They can provide assistance at the product evaluation stage, offering product recommendations or personalisation to offer a more convenient experience.



The improvements in Conversational AI has led to them being adopted in all industries, meaning that in order to keep up with their competitors, companies of all sizes should be looking to implement these solutions. However, a balance of different AI Conversational tools is needed to provide a great customer experience. Customers now expect a 24/7 service, but also look for options to interact directly with agents.

AtomX Digital provides customer experience driven solutions within conversational AI for your company to integrate.


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