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What happens when Chatbots go wrong?

AtomXDigital AI Chatbot- ways to address any challenges

AI Chatbots simulate conversation and interaction through artificial intelligence and have become an integral part of a business’s communication strategies. Providing support to multiple customers 24/7 and improving customer satisfaction, Chatbots have become the primary channel for customer service. While they are technically advanced and efficient, it is important to be wary of some challenges you may face, here are a few ways AtomX has addressed these within our installations.

Communication is key

To give the most accurate responses and query resolutions, Chatbots use Natural Language Processing (NLP) which breaks down and analyses the conversation to identify the correct intent. Chatbots have a finite number of pre-determined responses. Whilst it is impossible to pre-train a chatbot to understand all words in the correct context of every conversation, there are several things you can do to ensure all user intents are understood, and the most timely and relevant responses are delivered.

One way to ensure the best communication between your customers and Chatbot is to manually train and update the bot’s NLP so over time its knowledge will grow. Adding multiple utterances to each intent allows it to cover as many phrases as possible such as users spelling mistakes, humour, or slang. The more alternative utterances to a customer’s requests help to eliminate the opportunity for misunderstandings by expanding the Chatbot's capabilities for future chats. Adding extra enhancements such as useful icons and interaction buttons prompts users and ensures the conversation is going in the right direction leaving little room for errors giving a seamless customer experience.

Integrating Human agents

Chatbots are employed to carry out a variety of functions with speed and certainty for your business, and through advanced technology, they have altered the way we are able to interact in real-time. It is important to remember Chatbots are tools that rely on pre-programmed conversations and can accurately predict human interaction and behaviour to a certain point. The best way to assist all customer's queries is by building an intent that gives users the option to speak to a human agent who can take control of the conversation with ease at any time. Integrating human agents also allows high-profile customers to be connected straight away to a live agent through routing.

Vulnerable Chatbots

With the growing importance of Cybersecurity, ensuring customer confidentiality is paramount when dealing with chats that require confidential data from users. It is essential to implement end-to-end encryption to prevent any person other than the sender and receiver from viewing messages. Using identity authentication is another way of ensuring access to information is granted to the right person, this can be employed using login credentials such as usernames and passwords as another safety protocol. Lastly, to ensure further Chatbot security, it is essential to make sure you Chatbot is up to date with the latest AI chatbot security by running regular API security tests.

Chatbots are a great addition to your business solving and an array of both simple and complex business outcomes. Whilst technology exists to provide human-centric interaction, it needs to be managed, and updated to keep customer's experience and satisfaction in mind.


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