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Announcing our long-term partnership with Comm100

AtomXDigital partnership with Comm100

We are delighted to announce our long-term partnership with Comm100, the global provider of digital omnichannel customer engagement solutions.

This partnership brings together specialised multi-channel customer engagement AI solutions and deep product knowledge to deliver personalised Live Chat and AI Chatbot solutions. Comm100 is an award-winning customer service and engagement platform, dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and loyalty through 24/7 support to your customers.

At AtomX we offer simple, speedy, and smart answers to your organisational business objectives using personalised AI chatbot and live chat solutions. Together, AtomX and Comm100 offer specialised and focussed Customer Engagement solutions, accelerating value for enterprises across the world.

“We are very excited to partner with Comm100. This partnership will enable us to continue delivering the very best solutions, using our high-performance AI Chatbot and Live Chat capabilities to improve overall customer engagement and satisfaction” mentioned Andy Rothery, AtomX's chairman.

Our partners’ customers need instant and thoughtful customer communications, chatbots and automation is the most effective way to accomplish that. There is a growing demand for efficient and authentic interactions with brand across all channels – anytime and anywhere – Comm100’s powerful platform deliveries that. We are committed to providing AtomX, with a reliable and secure solution that can confidentially be relied on to meet these needs, ” said Ty Rottare, VP Global Channels at Comm100.

We look forward to leveraging on each other strengths and coming together to create a strong alliance in the customer engagement and automation industry to provide multichannel customer engagement AI solutions and achieve your organisational business objectives. Further, using our in-house machine learning capabilities we provide real-time customer insights, predictive services and help establish an innovation culture within your organisation.

Please get in touch if you would like to learn more or schedule a demonstration.


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