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AtomXDigital AI Chatbot & Livechat solutions

After weeks of hard work and planning, and multiple iterations, AtomXDigital is proud to announce the launch of our newly redesigned website.

AtomXDigital is dedicated to providing businesses with the best AI Chatbot and Live Chat solutions to help them meet their business objectives. The updated website features a range of technical and visual enhancements such as an updated teams’ page and new AI Chatbot and Live Chat products page, designed to provide a more efficient user experience and easily accessible content. The enhanced design offers visitors an easy way to engage with us and explore our capabilities and past installations.

The modern and sleek layout of the website allows visitors to view the range of features offered by each of our product and outlines essential information on the key capabilities of both the AI Chatbots and Live Chat. Using several images taken directly from live demonstrations, visitors are able to imagine the solution and get a clear visualisation of how the products can be integrated into their existing business systems. If there are queries still, you can book a call within three clicks.

Further, testimonials from our previous clients highlight our expertise and credibility within this field, showcasing how a number of medium and large organisations have benefitted from using our customer engagement products.

The updated website offers customers the best user-friendly browsing experience that is optimised for all platforms from desktop browsers to mobile devices.

AtomX’s website will continue to be regularly updated with the latest content including blog posts, case studies, and information about products. Visitors are encouraged to explore the new site where they can schedule a free trial or an exploratory call, directly with one of our customer engagement directors.


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