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How will AI help you to increase demand generation?

What is demand generation?

Demand generation is a part of data-driven B2B marketing strategy that develops awareness and interest in a company’s products and services.

Demand generation aligns both marketing and sales strategies together to cover each stage of the buyer journey, creating a predictable pipeline to meet your business goals and build a demand for your products and services.

AI chatbots and Live chat have revolutionised the business world, leading to many businesses adopting them as their primary channel for communication.

Research from Harvard Business School has uncovered that incorporating AI solutions within marketing strategies, such as demand generation, has led to a 50% increase in leads and a 60% reduction in overall business costs, making it a customer engagement necessity.

Generate successful leads

Demand generation starts at the top by identifying potential target audiences and clients. AI systems are vital in this stage, making the process of selecting and generating new leads more cost-effective and efficient than attempting to filter through numerous pages of customer information.

AI Chatbots are employed to manage and respond to over 20 customers queries in real-time and collect valuable information on each visitor such as demographics and traffic acquisition.

AI systems are also effective in analysing and processing large volumes of data in a quarter of the time. Using the insights produced from Chatbots helps you gain a deeper understanding of your target audience to find and generate more successful, high-quality leads.

Automated messages

There are several ways how utilising the Chatbots machine learning and NLP can create personalised product and service recommendations for each website visitor. Using algorithms, Chatbots identify patterns and make recommendations based on the type of content the user has interacted with or viewed on the website. Chatbots are also able to draw on data from previous visitors with similar interests and buyer journeys, to make predictions on the most suited products and services to the current user.

By incorporating AI into demand marketing strategies creates a unique experience for each visitor with more personalised content. As per Accenture's research within the eCommerce industry, 91% of consumers were more likely to shop on websites that provided relevant recommendations.


There are many limitations to tracking and creating personalised content for each visitor without the use of Artificial Intelligence. AI solutions eliminate the need for people to carry out redundant tasks, whilst enriching interactions and experiences. In addition to that, Chatbot algorithms are able to predict consumer's behaviour using previous data in order to determine future demand for products.

Here at AtomX, we work with you to achieve your organisational business goals using AI-led customer engagement Live chat and Chatbot solutions across all digital channels. Our mission is to ensure that our clients never miss another customer connect.

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