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AtomX receives UK Govt grant of £185K


We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a UK Govt grant of £185K ($0.25m) in order to pursue our innovation journey within AI & Automation, and enable UK businesses to be achieve their objectives of higher customer acquisition, retention, revenue growth and leaner, longer operating models. It also provides us a vehicle to further secure our growth runway via a similar grant later in the year.

This is a great recognition of all the hard work that the AtomX team has put in, in the past year or so, with a special mention of Ben Butlin, our Strategy & Operations Director and his team, who had to demonstrate our capabilities and future innovation roadmap to achieve this outcome for us.

"This is a great milestone in our growth journey to provide top class customer engagement solutions to UK market and beyond. It further proves the value that we are bringing to the UK ecosystem, especially in the current scenario as businesses all over the world try hard to get back to growth ", says Anant Saxena, CEO AtomX.


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