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AtomX Digital launches intelli4Desks, an offering that enables “Employees – Return to Office”, with


Multi-channel AI Automation

Enterprises and workspace providers are faced with a complex challenge of reassuring employees for a safe return to work with physical distancing & sanitisation concerns, updated health guidelines and new ways of operating workplaces.

With that in mind, we have created intelli4Desks, an off the shelf SaaS solution for employers, to manage, control and ensure peoples’ health and safety, whilst giving staff the confidence to return to office.

Intelli4Desks provides integrated Health Assessment, Desk booking and Notifications capabilities, offered via web and app (iOS and Android) channels to both, the employees and the employer (typically an office administration team). With a simple combination of SaaS and QR codes, it ensures employee self-service, whilst providing critical administrative capabilities such as desk zoning, visual monitoring, contact tracing and in-app notifications, to the employer.

It uses our proven AI technologies, cloud infrastructure and platforms and comes with built-in machine learning based analytics and reporting capability, to track work force health trends, desk utilisation levels, top inquiries and a number of other critical employee well-being parameters.

As part of the installation, we visit the office site, place QR codes on all required assets and create a simple asset mapping within our systems. The solution is up and running within weeks.

For as little as 15p per asset per day, you can give confidence to your staff that they can return to the office in a safe and secure manner.

“At AtomX, we keep end user at the heart of everything we build. With intelli4Desks we have created a unique offering to get employees back to work with confidence and peace of mind in these uncertain times. It provides our clients and partners with a simple tool that is easy to install and addresses a core challenge within their business”, says Anant Saxena, CEO at AtomX Digital.

To find out more or for a live demo contact us on:

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