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Announcing our new partnership with Icon Accounting Ltd


Multi-channel AI Automation

We are excited to announce our strategic partnership with Icon Accounting (, to help increase their customer connect and drive efficiencies within the customer services channels.

Icon Accounting is a leading and one of the fastest growing providers of accountancy and compliance services for independent professional contractors in Ireland. They on-board a significant number of customers per month, with a large amount of traffic coming digitally via their website, portal and other digital channels.

In collaboration with Icon’s operations, customer services and technology teams, and post some intense working weeks, AtomX delivered a multi-channel AI enabled virtual agent ecosystem, just before the Covid-19 crisis hit its first peak in April. This ensured that Icon were well prepared to handle the surge of queries regarding government grants, taxation, their applicability to individuals / businesses etc. It also went a long way in providing a quick helping hand to Icon’s customers, which is more than relevant during these stressful and strange times.

“At Icon, we keep clients at the heart of everything we do. So when the Covid-19 crisis hit us, we wanted to ensure that we enabled an absolute frictionless experience for our worried clients and provide them with immediate help and advice during these uncertain times” says Gerard Kiernan, Managing Director of Icon Accounting.

“We really enjoyed working with AtomX as it has been a genuinely collaborative effort of the two teams coming together to work on a common goal. They delivered a truly customer centric capability, which has provided our clients with an easy, clear and intuitive way to find the information they need, when they need it. I am very impressed with the quality of staff at AtomX and the output delivered. They were great to work with and delivered an excellent solution within a short time frame” added Cuty Gupta, Operations Manager at Icon Accounting.

Anant Saxena, AtomX’s CEO mentioned “Its been a wonderful experience building our partnership with Icon Accounting and feels brilliant to have delivered an immediate value to them. We see Icon as a strategic client within the Ireland market vertical, and look forward to continue our value led relationship”.

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