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Artificial Intelligence Trends 2019

In 2018, insufficient information architecture and a lack of education at the leadership level have been quoted as the two biggest reasons for a lack of AI adoption within enterprises.*

Key predictions for 2019:

  • As small and large companies learn and adapt, two key disciplines of AI, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing are likely to make most traction.

  • In addition to that the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market will reach $1.7 billion in 2019, as 40% of enterprises enable digital workers.

  • AI talent will remain scarce and two-thirds of decision makers will struggle to acquire, with 83%** struggling to retain AI talent.

Rolling forward to 2019, we at AtomX believe that a number of business enterprises will still struggle to derive business value out of AI transformation initiatives.

There are three key reasons for it:

  1. I want AI – by why?”: Looking at it from a technology perspective as opposed to business strategy, objective and outcome lens.

  2. I have heard of AI but don’t understand it in detail. And by the way, is it different from machine learning?”: Lack of AI education at the exec level.

  3. Boiling the ocean”: The concepts of a lean agile, iterative and fail fast approach still very much apply in the AI world. The basics haven’t changed: Carve out a high value / low risk (especially security & brand risk) use case, prove the value, take exec team on board and expand.

AtomX Digital is a pioneering AI transformation agency which prides itself in delivering business outcomes at Speed and with Certainty.

We bring decades of digital change experience, combine it with sensible, relevant & tested AI platforms and fanatically collaborate to achieve results for our clients.

All that is great but what does that mean to me?: It means that with AtomX you would be achieving business outcomes (like higher Customer stickiness, New revenue streams, Double-digit productivity gains etc) within a continuous lean agile delivery framework, ensuring that people change and business risk aspects are addressed right from the start.

If interested, please drop us a line at and a sales rep will get in touch within 24 hours.

*Forester releases AI and automation predictions for 2019


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