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Our partnership network is expanding

We believe that very soon (if not already!) talent would be available in niche outfits. And that given the pace of innovation, skilled digital workforce would command a premium. Partnerships with specialists are therefore required to breathe life into organisational strategy and plans.

This is core to our strategy as we have an established framework of going from client need -> landing a skilled and ramped up team, at speed.

As part of our ever-expanding partner network, we welcome the team from MachineOS who specialise in machine learning and artificial intelligence products and services. Their experience spans sectors such as Aerospace, Energy, Telco, Finance, and Retail among others. With our combined breadth of knowledge, we can help in identifying opportunities for AI implementation and ways to leverage the power of data based in a real-time and predictive environment. This is a perfect match with our core strategy of delivering insight-driven customer experience and business performance for our clients.

We have also found reliable partners in Cloud66, a specialist in providing end-to-end DevOps service. Pioneers of ‘Container as a Service’ capability - Cloud66 and AtomX together can enable organisations seeking Continuous Delivery (CD) from maturity assessment, conception through to delivery. Continuous delivery is as much about speed of implementation as it is about adoption of a considered approach that works for your unique digital ecosystem. We can build the ‘as is’ picture and assess the adaptability of the current infrastructure before empowering your DevOps teams with container technology integration into the CD pipeline. This is a powerful capability for your business to bring new propositions and improvements to life at pace and deliver on goals hinged on customer experience.

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