We help organisations translate AI into measurable business outcomes. We do this in three simple steps: Understand, Create and Innovate



Our approach is flexible & adaptive

In most organisations, AI and digital strategy appears as hot spots, created and driven by local teams. This is often done in isolation and most likely disconnected from the rest of the organisation, creating another silo’d initiative.

This is the starting point of a number of our engagements. We begin with understanding your organisational business objectives and drivers. We then combine this with your customer needs and current AI capabilities, which forms the basis of an AI roadmap going forward.   



Building higher performance capabilities

“It’s crucial to experiment, change, test and select the best solutions” - Today’s enterprises need to have the capability and firepower to incrementally deliver improved solutions, whilst maintaining a reliable core.

We believe that at the heart of a successful AI initiative is a high performing team. This, when combined with carefully prioritised use cases can inject pace and momentum towards achieving the revenue and profitability targets. 

At AtomX, we build our engagements on this basis and tirelessly work with our clients to enable a winning team, led by an outcome driven culture.



Keeping a step ahead

With the shift of people’s behaviour towards everything digital, every interaction now creates an incremental digital footprint which could take us closer to understanding our customers better.


This, combined with an exponential progress in complex data handling techniques and compute power provides an incredible opportunity to understand your customers like never before.

As part of our innovation services, we leverage our in-house machine learning capabilities to provide real time customer insights, predictive services and help establish an innovation culture within your organisation.

CASE STUDIES: Creating AI solutions

that deliver business outcomes 

In the world of Digital, our mission is to empower ambitious leaders to leverage Artificial Intelligence to achieve real business outcomes, at Speed & with Certainty. Solutions that just make sense. 


Dublin Airport - Customer Engagement Platform

"How do we increase our website conversion and lead generation, whilst providing a state of the art customer service?"

AI Automation & Customer Engagement

Dublin Airport's Innovation & Business Development team, The Future Factory, wanted to understand the information needs of travellers and discover opportunities to enhance Customer Engagement


Dublin Airport - Customer Engagement Platform

What do we do to increase Customer Stickiness & Engagement within the airline cabin, in order to deliver new Ancillary Revenue streams?

Air Asia - Interactive Moving Maps

to Drive Ancillary Revenues


"This is a perfect addition to our Voyager Navigation as a Service (VNaaS) and Voyager Money, to challenge traditional business models and deliver significant cost benefits for our customers"

- Paul Stanley, CEO GNS

Global Navigation Systems - Enhancing Customer Stickiness  

& Adoption 

Got a project in mind?

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