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Case Study 40%+ reduction in Shore to Ship Calling costs for Global Navigation System (GNS) shipping customers


The Challenge

The Solution

Internationally, it currently costs between $4.5-$6.4 per minute to call from shore-side to a bridge number on ships.


This means that for shipping companies, for whom shore to ship communication is necessary for port-calling coordination, navigation planning and a range of other business scenarios, the yearly spend is incredibly high. They average at ~1500 minutes / year / ship, just for the vital port-calling coordination. There is an estimated additional ~1500 minutes for navigational planning and such business scenarios.

Therefore, a mid-sized shipping company with ~30 vessels will spend an estimated $288K / year simply on port-calling coordination from shore to ship.

AtomX offers a unique service on web and mobile to enable a seamless Voice over IP (VoIP) call terminating on the ship’s bridge phone. The solution offers a seamless call initiation whilst incorporating a comprehensive vessel ‘telephone directory’ to enable users to quickly and easily find the right number to call.

The proposition also reduces the charge to $3.6 per minute and can be seamlessly topped up using all popular debit / credit cards or a pre-integrated money wallet.

To get started, users simply create an account online and start dialing. There are no annual service fees to pay over and above the $3.60 per minute flat-rate. Multiple user logins can be created for each company account and call volumes, duration and costs can be monitored by user, team and department to help companies to drive down communication costs further.

In just 4 weeks, we have customised our service to a white-labelled web interface, ready and rolled out to make calls. We are working with GNS sales and marketing teams to roll out the solution to 45% of their 8500 vessels by end of 2019. Our next phase includes rolling out a number of solutions such as a GNS branded app, in addition to pushing adoption of remaining vessels in 2020.

"This is a perfect addition to our Voyager Navigation as a Service (VNaaS) and Voyager Money, to challenge traditional business models and deliver significant cost benefits for our customers” says Paul Stanley, GNS CEO

The Outcome

Call costs are reduced to a flat rate of $3.6 dollars per minute, resulting in significant cost savings for GNS’s customers.

In addition to that, a modern and customer friendly interface is driving a faster adoption and roll out across the whole fleet that GNS supports.


This sets the platform to roll out a number of productivity and automation propositions to enable better shore to ship collaboration and crew welfare.

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