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Case Study An Ecommerce Retailer in UK


The Challenge

The Solution

A UK-based eCommerce retailer in the eco-friendly laundry detergent and washing powder industry was seeing exponential growth YoY.

Although they had an increasing rate of website traffic, their conversions and more importantly their average basket size was almost stagnant. Additionally, they were burdened with a lot of redundant and order-related queries.

As part of our initial digital traffic analysis, we also discovered that 61% of their customers were contacting them outside business hours.


Firstly, we integrated our AI Chatbot system on their website, integrating effectively with their customer services and CRM systems.

By identifying and understanding the key issues, we were able to tackle the problem with speed and certainty. The main purpose of the Chatbot was to nudge customers towards buying pre-defined bundles. 

The AI Chatbot was also used to provide relevant content including videos, green articles and product descriptions.

“It was a pleasure to work with the AtomX team. They were focused, diligent, and immediately understood our key business objective of top-line growth. I look forward to a long-term relationship with AtomX”.

- Director of Content & Digital Marketing


The solutions put in place and the utilisation of the AI Chatbot quickly resulted in a significant increase of 226% in engagement and conversions. 

Qualitatively, we could also see an increase in bundled products within this increased engagement, demonstrating the importance of targeting this area.

We continue to improve and boost the Chatbot's responses on a weekly basis, whilst also training the customer team by leveraging our user-friendly learning, analytics and insights dashboard.

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