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Case Study Customer experience & Integration


"What a modern sports trading system would look like - which can deliver on our brand promise of highest sports coverage in the whole industry?"

The Challenge

The Solution


The existing sports & racing trading system was based on Microsoft Excel, which lacked flexibility and scale required to achieve the brand and business objectives.

Our approach was to target the low risk high impact sports first. We partnered with the customer and conducted extensive user research to understand “a day in Trader’s life”, their needs and wants. We designed and delivered a number of compelling user experiences and tested them with the real end users.


In parallel we conducted a rapid technology assessment to understand the current stack and integration points. Some of the performance parameters were critical, so the new technology stack was chosen after careful functional and non-functional consideration.


The programme was delivered ahead of time with a complete solution including a “wow” creative supported by a fast performing and scalable back office function. This included integration to 6 different feed providers and backend systems. The new trading system was rolled out to 30+ sports eventually.

16X increase in trading capability.


2.7X better sports and schedule coverage.


Automation of a number of trading and settlement processes to deliver 2.5X additional trader bandwidth.

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