Airlines & Airports

AtomX’s overall in-cabin passenger proposition is highly aligned to our long-term strategic direction

CEO, A “Digital Airline” in Asia

Airlines & Airports have evolved radically in the recent past, with changing passenger expectations, the volume of interactions (vast amounts of data produced) and the collapsing of boundaries between the industries. 

We, at AtomX, believe that its imperative to nurture the relationship between Airlines and Airports, and cross leverage insights to enable a step change in passenger experience. 

An integrated ecosystem for Airline & Airport

Guests, Partner & Staff

Destination discovery, Interactive maps & Personalised content for increased stickiness & e-commerce 

Partner portal & Real time "point of conversation" promotions to drive Ancillary Revenue

Staff Automation & Collaboration for higher Productivity

Let us show how you can better engage your Guests, Staff and Partners to drive 
multi-fold Revenue and Productivity gains.

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Air Asia

"Deliver a step change in guest engagement  by implementing interactive moving maps & destination explorer, within the airline cabin"


Dublin Airport


A Customer Experience Platform to engage &  understand travellers' 'hurries & worries' at Arrival"