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Interact and negotiate with visitors in real time through a personalised chatbot

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Automatic Retargeting 

Recover lost sales through automatic retargeting of abandoned checkouts

Financial Security

Security and data protection to ensure privacy and confidentiality

Unique insights

Optimise profits with unique data and insights on pricing and visitors behaviour


Live intervention

Take over from Hagglebot to engage with customers in real time

Increase conversions

Increase conversions as haggle bot engages with customers to improve overall shopping experience

Seamlessly integreate

easy to implement with the programming skills required 

Intelligent AI powered Hagglebot powered by machine learning and natural language processor 

Reach your customers at each stage

Never miss out on potential sales as Haggle bot engages with visitors at each stage of their buying journey.

Avoid mark downs and over discounting using the negotiation chatbot to provide the best deal for each customer .

Integrate seamlessly into your existing business systems to set custom prices for various quantities of items

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Automated lead generation

Use notification or email campaigns to offer personalised deals for potential customers reducing cart abandonment. 

using the effective email marketing tool, obtain visitors emails to grow your email list

Using data and insights from the dashboard, set up  unique campaigns on various products

More than a Hagglebot

Using hagglebot, greet new site visitors and keep them up to date with the latest deals, blogs and news

Intercept and take over from Hagglebot at anytime for store owners to engage with customers in real time and ensure a sale

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Live chat, security

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