We enable quick Response & Customer Care, 

by integrating AI (Chatbot & ML) solutions across multiple digital channels,

within 2-4 weeks & with minimal effort from your already stretched resources. 

Rapid Automation Scaling, by leveraging our Chatbot ecosystem across channels including Website, Portal and Mobile App

Predictive Analytics and Insights to personalise customer engagement, improve operational efficiency & enhance sales opportunities

Integration with social channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram to broadcast & engage 

Automated Branding

& Messaging

Predictive analytics

Conversation led


 B2C Enterprises

"Very impressed with AtomX's core capability and approach to bring solutions at Speed.

Clear differentiator"

Managing Director, A European Accounting Company



Large UK B2C company

"Reshaping & alignment of a multi-million pound digital transformation programme"

Global B2C company

"Creating a 16X automated capability as part of modernisation of a digital & trading platform"